For the second year running, Holy Cross College band won by the medium ensemble category at Ryde Eisteddfod in July 2019. An awesome performance! Scoring an outstanding  97/100, with comments such as “professional” and “energetic” performance Holy Cross were simply sensational. 

Congratulations AGAIN boys!


SAMUEL ATTIA - Piano Grade 3 'A' Honours

HAILEY AY YEUNG - Piano Preliminary 'B' Credit

BIAYNA AVETIAN - Piano Grade 2 'B' Credit

LINCOLN BIRD - Trumpet Grade 1 'A' Honours

JOE BLANDFORD - Saxophone For Leisure 'C' Pass

ZAC BURN - Saxophone Grade 4 'A' Honours

EDMUND DAM - Trumpet Grade 3 'C+' Pass

CLAYTON DARMAWAN - Piano Preliminary 'C+' Pass

TANISHA GOWDA - Flute Grade 3 'B+' High Credit

OLIVER HAMILTON - Trumpet Grade 3 'A+' High Distinction 

LACHLAN HUNGERFORD - Piano Grade 2 'C' Pass

TYESON HUNT - Trumpet Grade 3 ‘A’ Honours

HARRY JOHNSTON - Violin Grade 1 ‘B’ Credit

KAYA TALAR - Violin Grade 2 ‘A’ Honours

HUGH SIMPSON - Trumpet Grade 5 ‘C’ Pass

SEAN STELLINO - Saxophone For Leisure Grade 6 ‘A’ Honours

ZAC BURN - Saxophone Grade 2 ‘B+’ High Credit

CONNOR SAKOULAS - Saxophone For Leisure Grade 2 ‘B’ Credit

GEORGE RIDDING - Piano Grade 2 ‘B’ Credit

LANGKUN LUO - Rock School Drums Grade 5 ‘B’ Credit

BIAYNA AVETIAN - Piano Grade 1 'A+' High Distinction

CHRISTOPHER CHANG - Piano Preliminary 'B' Credit

ARISA DOWSETT - Piano Leisure Grade 1 'A' Honours

SAMANTHA DREWITT-SMITH - Piano Grade 1 'B' Credit

TANISHA GOWDA - Piano Grade 2 'B' Credit

CONNOR LAU - Piano Leisure Grade 3 'A+' High Distinction

DANIEL LI - Piano Grade 2 'B+' High Credit

PATRICK POLFREMAN - Piano Grade 1 'B' Credit

RYAN SETIADY - Piano Preliminary 'A' Honours

HORACE SHI - Piano Preliminary 'B+' High Credit

HOLLY WATSON - Piano Preliminary 'B+' High Credit

AUSTIN YANG - Piano Preliminary 'A+' High Distinction

ANIKA WATSON - Piano Grade 1 ‘A’ Honours

DEREK YANG - Piano Grade 6 ‘A’ Honours

OLIVER HAMILTON - Trumpet Grade 1 ‘A’ Honours

ROBERT TILLEY - Rock School Drums Grade 4 ‘B’ Credit

FRAZER RENU - Rock School Bass Guitar Grade 5 ‘B’ Credit

JORDAN LAU - Rock School Electric Guitar Grade 5 ‘C’ Pass

LUKE MASI - Rock School Electric Guitar Grade 5 ‘C’ Pass

SAMUEL FRENCH - Saxophone For Leisure Grade 4 ‘C’ Pass

DOMENIC SQUILLACE - Piano Grade 3 ‘B’ Credit

 The annual band camp at Naamaroo, Lady Game Drive, Chatswood from 16th July to 18th July 2018. Two nights and three days this year, during school holidays. The camp is a great experience for all music students. They learn an enormous amount in the three days.  

 Demo of AMEB songs for brass from our teacher Dylan Mackey 

Music lessons and tuition for Ryde, Gladesville, Putney areas in band, piano, guitar, violin, saxophone, clarinet, flute, drums, singing + more!