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Drs Zed Badaoui and Elisabeth Konig are highly qualified dentists dedicated to help improve and restore your dental health. Each with 25 years experience in country practice, combined with continuing education means we are able to offer the highest standards of care in a friendly atmosphere.


Both dentists and their staff are warm, caring professionals and are there to make your dental health their priority - in comfort and service as well as in advanced dental care. 


Inviting, comfortable surgery facilities are waiting for you with all the latest pain-relief technologies, plus 'distractions' in the form of DVD screens and headphones. We think dental treatment should give you some 'time out'!


We can treat your dental needs with an outstanding array of equipment and specialised techniques. We pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest advances including electronic anaesthesia and laser technology.

We have been practising dentistry for over 25 years now and are proud of the difference we've been able to make in our patient's lives. You see, we believe great dentistry is more than just making sure your mouth is in healthy shape. It's about making you feel proud when you smile. We don't think you have to be born with a beautiful smile to have one!


We do it by employing great people up front, by making sure we stay on top of the cutting-edge techniques and technologies that are introduced around the world every year and by making sure our practice is a warm, inviting place to enter. We'd love to share our passion for great dentistry with you.


Call us today for an appointment, or even to ask a question about the kind of care you feel you might need. Or email us now at


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