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Big Band Blast

Gavin and Jade have gone to the Big Band Blast in a Port MacQuarie for a reconnaissance visit... or to play a Twin-Set gig... Love those pearls!

Port Macquarie can expect to welcome over 600 eager musicians of all ages and their talented musical directors, and the general public can expect a wonderful and varied feast of great music-making in a non-competitive atmosphere of joyful sharing... FANTASTIC!!

Lionel Cole has become well-known as one of Australia's most dynamic, soulful and energetic performers and is the featured artist for MOTOWN FUNK, a free concert on Saturday night on the Port Macquarie Town Green. Lionel will be performing with John Morrison's 30-piece big band,

The 3B HORNS, in a show not to be missed.

Breakwall Grasshouse Stage - FREE!

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